Watahan & Co., Ltd.

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Watahan Solutions Co., Ltd.

Watahan Solutions Co., Ltd.

We offer solution to our clients with value of safe and
comfort in engineering

Watahan Solutions Co., Ltd. was established as a company of the Watahan Group, which promotes "Continuous Lifestyle Evolution."
We are an engineering and construction company which offers business clients structural steel car park systems for urban infrastructure and unique retrofitting systems for building envelope in the main business line.
We also offer wide range of business solutions around civil engineering and construction: manufacturing and erecting works of architectural steel frames and bridges, the most experienced and trusted roofing and facade construction works, interior design and decoration works, landscape planning including maintenance works and sales of construction materials for civil engineering.
As collaboration with other Watahan Group companies we offer retrofitting and renovation work in home renovation and consumer goods rentals for private clients.
We do our best to be a leading trust-mark and solution provider in engineering and offer our clients specific and individual solution with value of safe and comfort.

Company Profile

Name Watahan Solutions Co., Ltd.
Head Office 1023-1 Kitakata, Iida City, Nagano(Tel : 0265-25-8181)
Tokyo Head Office Watahan Nohara Bldg., 1-4 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
(Tel : 03-3341-2723)
Corporate Establishment April 3, 1995
Business Construction design, operation, maintenance and management; civil engineering; facilities, landscaping and facade construction; manufacturing and construction of steel building and bridge frames; earthquake resistant bridge construction; sales and rental of construction materials, event goods, playground equipment, nursing care andsocial welfare goods; consulting on building construction, maintenance, management and renovation; businesses relating to parking lot operations and parked vehicle management
Capital ¥100,000,000 (100% capitalized by Watahan & Co., Ltd.)
Account Settlement March 31 annually
(including part-time workers)
Board Members
Senior Chairman Isamu Nohara
President Masanori Nagano
Vice President Takamitsu Inagaki
Vice President Yoshiharu Inba
Vice President Shoki Kinoshita
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Yoshihiko Akita
Managing Director Hideya Shiina
Managing Director Yukinobu Muto
Managing Director Toshiyuki Fujimori
Managing Director Kazuo Iwase
Managing Director Kimiyoshi Kitazawa
Managing Director Noriaki Sunohara
Managing Director

Satoshi Akamatsu

Managing Director Naoto Matsukawa
Managing Director Yukihiro Ohno
Major Business Bases Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Sendai, Fukuoka, Shizuoka, Yaizu, Hamamatsu, Gifu, Iida, Nagano, Matsumoto, Saku, Ina, Suwa
Main Banks Hachijuni Bank, Mizuho Bank, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank and Shizuoka Bank
Approvals and Licensing Construction business permit from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation (Specialized 27), No.16335, for civil engineering, construction, earthwork, stone, roofing, tile, brick, block, steel structures, steel reinforcement, paving, sheet metal, painting, waterproofing, interior finishing, landscaping, joinery/millwork and water facilities Construction business permit from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation (Ordinary 27 ), No.16335, for electrical
Factories recognized by the Japan Steel Fablicators Association, an incorporated body
Shizuoka Factory : TFB H-14 0999 Iida Factory : TFB H-15 1333 Steel Bridge Factory
International standard certification ISO 9001 approved by Better Living, a nonprofit foundation Steel Sales
Departments of Shizuoka Factory and Iida Factory First-class architectural office registered by Governor of Tokyo, No.60741
First-class architectural office registered by Governor of Nagano Prefecture, No.(Nagano) A-13231
First-class architectural office registered by Governor of Fukuoka Prefecture, No.1-61174
First-class architectural office registered by Governor of Osaka Prefecture, No.(I)-24941
Web Site http://watahan.co.jp/group/solutions/company/

(June 28, 2017)