Watahan & Co., Ltd.

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Watahan Trading Co., Ltd.

Watahan Trading Co., Ltd.

Contributing to healthy, beautiful, and enjoyable lifestyles

We are a trading company dealing in pharmaceutical and chemical products.
Since our founding in 1965, we have focused on natural raw materials and the provision of natural ingredients derived from plants and animals. We are capable of providing a stable and reliable supply of goods, and have distributorship in Japan in regard to a number of the products we handle.
In the manufacturing of fertility treatment medications, we import the raw materials for HMG, a gonadotropin hormonal agent, from China and sell them to pharmaceutical companies, after refining at our pharmaceutical laboratory in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Company Profile

Name Watahan Trading Co., Ltd.
Head Office Watahan Nohara Bldg., 1-4 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
(Tel :03-3353-2304)
Corporate Establishment July 7, 1965
Business Import and sales of pharmaceutical and cosmetic materials, industrial-use wax, general and health food materials
Capital ¥45,472,000 (100% capitalized by Watahan & Co., Ltd. )
Account Settlement March 31 annually
( including part-time workers )
33 as of March 31, 2018
Board Members
Senior Chairman Isamu Nohara
President Hiroshi Ariga
Vice President Tetsuro Nagata
Director Hiroyuki Onishi
Auditor Takashi Yokoyama
Principal Business Sites Pharmaceutical laboratory in Yokohama and Watahan de Mexico in Mexico
Main Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Hachijuni Bank and Mizuho Bank
Approvals and Licensing
Pharmaceutical product manufacturing

Tokyo: 13AY000035 and 13AZ200177
Kanagawa: 14AZ005004

Pharmaceutical product wholesale distribution

Tokyo: #0304950112 and #5307130358

Veterinary pharmaceutical product manufacturing

#45 manufacturing, 23 approvals by the Ministry

Veterinary pharmaceutical product wholesale distribution

#61 wholesale, 22 approvals by Tokyo

Registrations #2884 by the Ministry for import of toxic agents and harmful substances
General sales of toxic agents and harmful substances
#341 for 27 new health and hygiene medicines by Shinjuku-ku Health Department
Web Site http://www.watahan-trading.co.jp/english/

(March 31, 2018)