Watahan & Co., Ltd.

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Our Group Symbol

New Watahan Group Symbol

Comprised of a circle around the central kanji character gou, it is an element in Zen calligraphy.

Drawn from a single stroke, the circle represents an endless determination for new beginnings, and indicates a uniting of many forces together as one.

It also suggests the earth in harmony, reflecting the global strategy of the Group.

The color is a traditional Japanese hue called konpeki, azure blue, conveying the elegant magnificence of the earth's blue sky and sea shining on the future of Watahan.

Watahan is a long-established company, relied on for more than 400 years -- one of only a few such companies in Japan. This new symbol reflects our aim to extend this level of performance around the world, and embodies a sense of "uniting many abilities." The kanji character gou expresses the origins of Watahan. It creates an image and icon for a company that represents Japan, conveying the harmony of traditional Japanese culture and lifestyle.