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Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Activities

Since 1953, we have continuously promoted activities supporting corporate social responsibility, or CSR. As responsible corporate citizens, we will continue to proactively develop mechanisms and systems that contribute to the wellbeing of our employees and the community at large.

Social Contribution

1953Initiated the Ryukyo-Ikueikai Scholarship Fund, which has continued to support students from the Iida-shimoina region for more than 60 years.
1957Began providing school supplies in support of families receiving public assistance. We give gifts to elementary and junior high schoolchildren at enrollment ceremonies every spring in cities, towns and villages in the Nagano and Tokai regions.
2008Sponsored the first "Watashi-no-furusato-jiman," or "My Hometown Pride Art Contest." This painting competition is held every year with a theme of hometown pride, targeting elementary and junior high school students who have lived or visited and remained in Nagano.

Proud of Our Hometown - Children's Art Museum