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Delivering New Lifestyles Through Continuous Evolution

The Watahan Group has a history of over 400 years, beginning with the establishment of a cotton business in 1598 by founder Nihei Wataya. We are currently expanding our businesses into a variety of fields including retail, construction and trading, while looking ahead to the dawn of a new era.

Our Group has continued to follow the time-honored philosophy of earning and building the trust of stakeholders through steady management. However, we know that we cannot succeed by only protecting our traditions.

I believe that the Watahan Group has a mission to create new lifestyles aligned with the changing times. This is reflected in our slogan, "Continuous Lifestyle Evolution." The path to both protecting our traditions and achieving continued success is the spirit of evolution -- evoking changes ourselves by envisioning the future ahead of others.

We will continue to address the challenges of a diverse range of businesses while maintaining the traditional goodwill and credibility for which the Watahan Group is renowned. I hope you will continue to give us your support.

Isamu Nohara
President & CEO,
Watahan & Co., Ltd.