Branding Story

グループ経営理念 合才の精神 基本理念 信頼に対して貢献をもって応える経営 事業理念 絶え間なき暮らしの変革

Group Philosophy

グループ企業理念 合才の精神 基本理念 信頼に対して貢献をもって応える経営 事業理念 絶え間なき暮らしの変革

When the time of samurai, the company was developed by uniting with retainers and worked to protect a local community under the sign of “Awase.”; to gather in one place.
We are continuing to build a company of no boundary between employees and management with the effort of every individual.
Based on our management philosophy; “Spirit of Gassai(合才の精神); uniting and sharing our talents to harmonize our spirits”, we continue to business that contribution forward to trust of all stakeholders.
We task ourselves to form a new way of life with our business philosophy and reading ahead in order that we would be able to contribute to achieve people’s life.

Our Group Symbol

Watahan is a long-established company, relied on for more than 400 years -- one of only a few such companies in Japan. The central kanji character awase(合), is based on the fact that one of Nobunaga‘s generals, the founder of Watahan, was holding the banner of “awase(合)".
It creates an image and icon for a company that represents Japan, conveying the harmony of traditional Japanese culture and lifestyle.

The color is a traditional Japanese hue called konpeki, azure blue, conveying the elegant magnificence of the earth's blue sky and sea shining on the future of Watahan.

This new symbol reflects our aim to extend this level of performance around the world, and embodies a sense of “uniting our talents.”


Creating a new life with the times. That is the mission of the Watahan Group.
We will pursue three lives mainly on "Green Life" and promote coexistence with nature.

環境に優しい安全な暮らし 自然な彩りを楽しむ暮らし 自然の恵みで元気な暮らし 自然との共生を推進する企業グループ